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Our banquets allows our youth to display "Excellence in Etiquette" and presentation exposing them to various cultures and settings to expand their knowledge.

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Heavenly Divine Inc. in partnership with The Jersey City Communities That Care Collation under the leadership of Rolando Lavarro hosted community youth conferences that attracted and serviced 200-500 youth.

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Our workshops includes Self Esteem, Financial Literacy, Arts, Entrepreneurship and Health.

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Uniting churches and organizations while giving our youth a stage to showcase their gifts and talents as well as highlighting issues, problems and concerns that plague our communities. Providing them a safe and healthy way to cope with the trauma.

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Current Programs

  • One standard class

  • Total package dance program

  • Dance class program married with other personal development skills ensuring the student receives a holistic experience.

  • Flagging for awareness is our initiative that advocates for mental health resources for those that desire to seek professional help.

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Current Programs Cont'd

  • Quarterly Fellowships

  • Socials Workshops

  • Occasional Trips and Outings

  • Dancing In The Streets

  • Beautiful In The Boardroom

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