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"Make The Move, To Make A Change"

Your Vote Is Your Voice (And You Deserve to Be Heard)

As individuals, we each have very little control over what happens to other people or the world around us on a daily basis. But that's why casting our ballots is so crucial. Voting is an important right in our democracy because it gives us some collective say in how we want to be governed and who gets to make the big decisions that affect our society. Voting expands your personal sphere of control.

When you vote, you are vocalizing what you need, want, and believe in. You are standing up and demanding to be counted. When you don't vote, you are silencing your heart and your conscience. Not voting is like giving your consent to the status quo (or to those you oppose), essentially saying that you don't care whether anything changes.

By voting, you improve your chances of getting a government that actually represents you, your values, and your interests. Even if the candidates you support don't win, your vote has likely made a difference. After all, you've helped decrease the winners' margins of victory, which gives them less of a mandate to pursue the agendas you oppose.

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As we look towards this next election, please feel free to fill out the online voter registration form by clicking on the button below and follow the instructions for submission to be counted.

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